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LJ Idol - Week 1 - Am I Crazy?

I rub my tired eyes and fight against the sleep that so desperately wants to come, listening as the wind howls past the window and shakes the eaves. It's frigid out tonight, the kind of cold that sinks into your bones and leaves behind a dull and restless aching, and even inside wrapped inside of blankets I can feel it seeping in. I try my best to ignore the fatigue and the chill, fingers moving with steady fluidity as I hurry to scribble out all of the thoughts that are racing through my mind. Here, in the wee hours of morning, I put my pen to paper and I write. It's the only quiet time of day where I can see actual peace, the only time that is truly 'mine', and so I seize the moment while it is there.

Am I crazy? Of course I am. It certainly can't be entirely sane to give up sleep as I do, seeing the sunrise and the subsequent sunset day in and day out. It's probably not the most normal of things either that I have an uncanny ability for shutting out the world and slipping with ease into my own little version of reality. I let myself fall freely into my stories, mythical and illogical, because sometimes the world inside of my head just makes more sense than the one in which I physically live.

All writers, in a sense, have to be a little crazy. It goes hand in hand with creativity and imagination. You have to be willing to defy all that which you have been told, to question everything around you, and to have no fear. It is something that people who aren't writers can never understand, not really, and it can never be taught or learned. It's passion, always lingering just beneath the surface, a spark that ignites at a moment's notice without your consent. You find yourself living for words, yearning for those moments when the perfect turn of the phrase is there, and you are completely mad for it.

Shrugging off these thoughts I focus again on the task at hand. It is late, and I have much more to write before I can find rest. Perhaps I am crazy, but it really isn't so bad. I will see things most people will never see, I will experience things that nobody else can ever experience. If this is crazy, pure and total insanity, then I welcome it with open arms. There isn't anything else, nothing in the world, that I would rather be.
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LJ Idol - Week 0 - Introduction

I feel like it should be so easy to put into words who I am, what I am, though it is anything but. I am a puzzle; a thousand pieces put together to make a slightly blurry picture. These pieces are little things that are taken from the people I have met, the pain I have endured, and the places I have been. I am a collection of experiences and sensations, and it is the most wonderful feeling.


I am a breeze that whispers through the afternoon on a southern day that is too hot and too humid, stirring the stale air just enough to bring a brief iota of comfort. I am a glass surfaced pond, just beyond a rusted barbed wire fence that is leaning and in danger of falling. I am a small white house with a concrete porch, tiny baby feet and puppy paw prints left behind when it was once just fresh cement. I am ancient crab apple trees with limbs that nearly touch the ground, heavy with fruit that needs picking. I am a pitcher of sun tea with slices of lemon and just enough sugar, sweating on a scarred old kitchen table. I am the place that I have called my home for twenty-eight years.


I am hundreds of miles of pavement beneath fervently turning wheels, traveling through the night with the radio blaring. I am many deep conversations once spoken between the doors of a champagne colored foreign made car. I am sky scrapers and street sweepers and stumbling laughter at two in the morning. I am a sofa on the second floor of a bar, drink in hand and nowhere else to be besides in the moment. I am a train climbing east into Philadelphia, busy and hurried and always just a little bit late.


I am ink stained fingers and late nights without sleep. I am thousands, millions, of words scrawled on countless numbers of pages. I am poetry and prose, both good and bad. I am stress and confusion. I am a finally finished novel, slowly being edited and painfully picked apart. I am every single writer I have ever admired, but can never possibly be.


I am my mother's disposition and my father's temper. I am a combined love of music from the sounds I grew up with. I am the laughter when there is nothing to laugh about, and the first to always cry. I am a best friend and a sister and a heart that will never heal. I am late nights with Skinny Love on repeat in a semi dark basement room listening to hearts beating. I am a student who is never going to be done learning, even when school has ended. I am a disappointment and a blessing.

I am so many things that I could never write them down. I am a different person each time I meet someone new. To introduce myself is complicated, so I will simply say this:

Hello. Welcome to the puzzle.
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Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

This is going to sound so absolutely cheesy, but the series will never really be over. Yes, there will be no new publications (whatever goes on at Pottermore aside), and there will be no more films, but it will never be over. Because all of us in the 'Potter Generation', who spent so many years of our lives following Harry and watching him grow, will always keep him with us. These are the sort of books that touch you and stay with you, even as you get old.

The visual representation of something coming to a close, does not mean it's 'over' by any means. I have stuck with Harry to the end, and I will keep sticking with him forever. The impact these books, and subsequently the films, had on my life is enormous. That's not something that's just over and done with.

End cheese-fest.